Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 17 - Half-Full, or Half-Empty?

Half-full, or half-empty? I just want a freakin drink!

********** TUTORIAL STARTS HERE *********

Hi, this is a shameless tutorial conveniently hosted on my 365 Project blog on how to embed an image on a forum . You have been deliberately redirected here so you can conveniently have a look at my blog and pics in addition to learning how to embed images.

The image that you want to embed on a forum must already exist on the internet (Facebook's album counts). If it is currently residing in your computer, please upload it to one of the following image hosting sites:

Once you have located the image on it's page, place your mouse cursor over the image and right-click it. Hover over to 'copy image URL' and click it.

Now at the forum post compose form, locate the 'IMAGE' or 'IMG' button and click it. Paste the link you just copied into the blank space of the prompt and click OK.

Alternatively you can type " [img] " followed by the URL you just copied and then followed by "[/img]

If there's a preview post option, click it now to see if you have correctly embedded the image. If the image does not show up in the preview, please repeat steps #2 and #3.

Repeat #3 for every image you would like to embed.

Continue composing the post after you have embedded the image into the form.

Click 'submit post' or it's equivalent. You're DONE!

Take some time to look around this blog. Do leave your comments!

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