Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 15 - A breakthrough, well sort of.

There's all this timidness in me about photography. One of them is asking a stranger's permission to take their photos. They say it's easy. Just say 'hi, can i take a picture of you?'. Well easier said than done. And that's true. It's pretty hard to say it out first, but as soon as you did it once, you can do it forever.

My first shot of a model, well the first 3 models anyway. Def not first shot la of coz. Like 5th shot or something like that. You get the idea...

It got easier when met with a friendly ambassador. This girl is bubbly and sweet. No joke. Cherry on a cake.

Pic awkwardly cropped to remove unwanted intruder. LOL.

It's even easier when they are on a platform and let you shoot at will (sounds weird, ain't it?). The ones taken straight on wasn't that great compared with this one (IMO la), taken after I got down from the platform. Something to do with looking at her from the side.

EDIT: Added the head-on shot:
I think it's my 'small dick' lens that made her smile like that.

Asked permission for this one as well. This one was quick. Snap in landscape, snap in portrait, move on. LOL I'll be offended if I were her. Didn't even have courtesy to show her the pics.

This was taken in plain sight of the ambassador, but w/o permission. I guess the expression says it all. Hahaha.

This last one also w/o permission. Saw a bunch of photogs shooting her, so hopped on. Didn't exactly get the eye contact but meh, does it for me. Shot cropped too coz the others really.... LOL

EDIT: Added Kaspersky girl.

All in all, def going to the next PC Fair to buff up my elephant skin and skills.

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