Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 44 - DCIM 2010

Going to the DCIM has always been on my list since started playing with photography last year. It's like Mecca to me. Well that's until I went this year. Credits to CaKe for understanding my phobia of driving to MV.

Needless to say I hardly took any nice pictures. What to do? 5D here, 1D there, D3 front, D300 back, D90 and 50D everywhere, 70-200 f/2.8 here, giant nikon lens there, big flash here, big flash there. My 50mm how to compete la?

Usual me, since I can't fight the mob, I shot the mob.

Technically I took the model's pic, on another person's LCD screen, that is!

Same case.

LOL Ok enough of the teasing. I did took some shots. Filled up one card. Here're the ones I think are a pass according to my standards.

The best I can do to salvage the shot. Decided to go with an overblown look.

I kid you not, I had a boner while taking her shots. Hahahaha

This one wasn't exactly a model, but asked to take her pic coz she looks so lovely. I think her awkward smile is due to my exposed armpits. LOL. Used PC Fair skills to ask. Skin getting thicker. Hehe.

Asked to take someone's pic outside of DCIM. Nearly got rejected. In the end reluctantly let me take. I take already fast fast cabut. Cute girl leh... Hehe Not gonna post since not consented.

Man at work. It's more gruesome than watching open heart surgery, seeing him wipe the innards with an ethanol soaked cloth.

Friend testing 5D Mk II.

We even got to test out the Leica S2, attached to a 70mm, with studio lighting and set up! The dude even asked us to use our own SD cards if we wanted to! Balik rumah only know it was shot in JPG. But one JPG is 12MB. WTFSHTBRIX.

Windows Gallery can't even rotate it for me. Here resized for your convenience.

Got to listen to a talk on metering. Makes me think if I'm too lazy to learn to do manual metering. Tips were given, so just waiting for time to use it.

Got to test the NX10 with own SD card too. Gotta say the image quality, not so good. AF also not fast. Can't replace DSLR la...

Got more shots. Will be making them buffer shots. Hehehe...

So will I be going to the next DCIM? Yeah sure, if I got time la. Next year this time will be exam week I think. Hrmm... But I sure won't treat it like Mecca anymmore. Nothing special one. Can test Leica only ma. Maybe a possible TT session. No special discounts also...

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