Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 36 - Water Droplets

Today rained kinda early, around 1pm started raining. Right after it stopped raining decided to go hunt for some water droplets.

Water droplets are considered the spark that brought me into photography. That time I was only snapping around with my 6630. Like, tourist style.

Then in 2007 I bought the W810i. I researched around with the camera being the primary factor. You know, it's cool to have THE BEST 2.. MPx CAMERA PHONE at that time (K800 came out that time I think), although there weren't much geeks around to appreciate wut I got. The K750 revolutionised the way people take pictures at that time by having a 2.0 MPx sensor in a phone. The W810i was kinda the improved version. They say the W810i was easily the best 2.0 MPx camera in a phone.

That time I wasn't that into photography yet. Excited with my new purchase, I went around taking pics with the autofocus camera (6630 was fixed focus, painful to selectively focus). One of the first few things I photographed was, as expected, a water droplet after a rain.

Yep, this is the pic, I guess the only pic on this blog taken by a cameraphone. Korek-ed from my main blog. The horizon was out, the composition was out, BG distracting, time stamp summore. But that kind of ability to do macro photography that resulted in detailed shots was something new to me. Look at the droplet in the pic, and imagine someone who has never used AF before, you have me in 2007.

I still think that pic was great.

This shot inspired by something a friend of mine shot b4. Not the subject, but the style. Yeah I know spoiled by the browned leaves.

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