Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 33 - I hate the hot weather, and I hate the rain

I hate it when the fan is on full blast, and my back is sweaty like nobody's business.

I also hate it when it rains and the ELCB trips.

But I love the breeze after the rain. Esp when it's not too late for a little walk outside.

Opted for a more golden sunset.

I also hate the insecurity when taking pics. There's always this fear of someone coming up and robbing you of your stuff. Fuck the immigrants la. Work then work la, why wan to do crime.

The 'salty egg yolk' sun is tricky to snap ler. I tot after rain the sky will be clear, mana tau still got a big piece of cloud covering the sun. Sheesh...

And where the F is the moon? Today 二十一 only leh...

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